Thursday, May 28, 2015

China and Japan in one mailbox opening

This was the joy I recieved when I opened the condo"s mailbox today. I wasn't expect any mail just yet and so it was a real delight.

Monday, May 18, 2015

USA and Canadian collection

USA collection..
My goal is to have a postcard from every state. So far I have as of 15 May 2015
New Mexico

My collection for Canada thus far is
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
( I am sure I have more but haven't been able to locate postcards from years gone by. I am still hopeful)

list of countries

As of today 15 May 2015 I have postcards from the following countries
United Kingdom

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First joy

Look what came in my mailbox this day.  My lady friend from Ontario sent me a book "Life on Earth by David Attenborough". What I find interesting is that just last night I watched a documentary about said author.. Showing the history of film and wildlife photography  from the beginning till now.  But look at the envelope.. So many stamps. She had asked the post office to put as many on as possible..
Also I recieved a postcard from her  that she bought 40 years ago and was tucked away In a old cookbook from  Banff Alberta.
Then I have a postcard from  Amsterdam from Mike?

Now my mailbox will have to wait till next Thursday before I can check it again.  I think I will be pleasantly pleased when I get home and open it.

Postcard introduction

Going to ones mailbox should be a joyful time, but if you only recieve bills or nothing at all it can lead to depression.  So I am asking friends, family and strangers to brighten my day and drop a postcard in the mail to make my mailbox a happy place.
I joined Postcrossing which should bring about many postcard exchanges - I copied my introduction below to introduce my self.
Hello I am a seasonal chef at a children's camp. My wife and I cook for 25 to 190 people three meals per day almost everyday between April and October.   We love to travel and might use your postcard as inspiration of where we ought to go to next..
We live between a major city and a popular tourist destination  - Vancouver and Whistler BC Canada.
When not  working I like to hike in the outdoors  - geocaching or doing some cycling and I am always looking / watching the skies for birds.
I would love receiving any postcard that you find interesting about your city, town or village.
Also of interest are postcards of Mytholgy - legends, folklore.   I love Trolls and  everything about Trains,.
Cards that show UNESCO world heritage sites would be great..  
If possible I hope the postcard shows where they are from on the front - but that is not so important.

The only postcards I would NOT like are those that have snakes - I don't like snakes.

Thank you -- if you indicate on your postcard that you would like me to send a card back to you -  please do so and remember to include a return address on your postcard I will send one back to you.

Please mail to Marty Marquette
301 - 40100 Willow Crescent
Squamish. BC  Canada
V8B 0L8